Un mariage à Kythera

Even before you set foot on the island of Kythira, you fall in love with its beauty. It’s enchanting yet also a typical Cycladic island in ‘the Heptanese’ (‘the seven islands’ that make up the principal Ionian Islands). It is for this reason that Chloe and Francesco left their home in Washington D.C. to marry one another in beautiful Kythira!

Chloe is an architect with an abundance of ideas, imagination and creativity and so all of this was put into the design of the wedding logo, invitation, event kit etc! Kythira was the island of the Chloe's childhood holidays and so became the inspiration for the wedding scheme. The big day was scheduled for the end of August.

The la fete team began its exploratory journey and then with the help of Vanessa, the owner of El Sol, everything started to take shape. The party took place in the exterior of the El Sol hotel in Kapsali.

The wedding colour scheme and theme could be defined as a 'multi-coloured wedding party'. There were banners, colourful balloons filled with helium, inflatable animals in the pool, colourful polka dot favours, as well as 30 varieties of flowers in glasses encircled with gold washi tape. A wedding to make adults reminisce. A party, where for one night everyone was allowed to become children again, having fun and dancing until morning!

On Saturday guests from around the world arrived on the island. The program included pre-wedding drinks at a seaside bar in Kapsali. Bronzed figures with shorts and ethereal, floral summer dresses rocked in rhythm, each with a colourful cocktail in hand.

On Sunday everything flowed smoothly in a relaxed, beautiful rhythm. The tables were arranged according to plan and decorative details positioned just so, adding joyful finishing touches. Flowers prepared by the la fete team were placed in large white baskets as well as countless glasses tipped with gold washi tape in polka dot, stripe, or chevron patterns.

Chloe got ready in a room with their little daughter making periodic appearances. The bride wore a minimal short dress which she combined with statement Jimmy Choo shoes; exquisite gold glittery sandals with a stiletto heel. One very natural, fresh, unique and beautiful bride with child-like charm was ready to walk the pathways of the castle to meet the charming Francesco.

Francesco and his friends, sporting their suits, were chic with Italian flair and finesse as they ascended the castle. The la fete team added a colourful bouttoniere to each of the men’s lapels and once loaded with Tsipouro in glass bottles, shot glasses and local marzipan, they too started for the Castle and Church of Panayia Myrtidiotissa.

An atmospheric and very moving ceremony was about to begin under the church’s delicate candlelight. On the table was the bride’s dowry from her grandmother; a round tray, lace doilies and table cloth, all lending a sense of familiarity and warmth to the occasion. The entrance was decorated with large baskets of assorted wild and colourful flowers. As the guests enjoyed the ceremony they also wandered about the castle overlooking the sea and took in the island’s truly breathtaking views.

Once the ceremony was complete and the sweet treats sampled, the newlyweds, with their family and friends, descended on El Sol where a traditional Greek dinner awaited them. Next to the DJ Deck, an open bar was ready to grant the most bizarre and imaginative wishes of the guests.

The party opened with a live musician and a beautiful dance from the bride and her father. There was no shortage of heartfelt comments from friends, who with humour and emotion, spoke about the couple. Then the party exploded! Unstoppable dances, laughter and songs that eventually led everyone into the pool! A huge pool party where young and old alike entertained themselves and their souls and spirits gleamed until the early hours!

The next day the meeting place was the pier. Once everyone had boarded the tour boat, a unique experience unfolded. The group enjoyed an intimate trip around Kythira, through the eyes of the local residents. The tour was followed by a relaxing dip in the tranquil blue water. And so the chapter on this beautiful journey came to an end, and a new chapter began; the new shared life for the married couple!

The weekend was jam-packed.  Not one detail had been missed, and now not a moment would be forgotten. The guests left the island excited by the intensity of their experiences!  Two amazing people came together and organised a huge party to celebrate with their loved ones and two beautiful families became one!

Chloe and Francesco, a Greek and an Italian based in America. Two cultures came together on the magical island of Kythira!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting us in this beautiful wedding project and giving us the opportunity to add our own touch.

Chloe’s review: Merci Anais for helping us plan what our friends said was the most epic & fun wedding they have ever been to :-) 

Photo Credits: Lulumeli, http://www.lulumeli.com/


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A colourful wedding in Kythera
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