Bridesmaid Customised Conceptual Clothes 'by Mannequin'

Let's talk about the bridesmaid and the maid of honor!


In every wedding the leading parts are those of the bride and groom, and especially amongst the ladies, the bride is the star! However, there is a small group of women, who have a special part as well, the maid of honour and the bridesmaids!! 


la fête and 'l' by Prigipw at the Bridal Expo

\backflash concept by ''Prigipw'' and ''la fête'' at the Bridal Expo!
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As seen in Smitten Magazine


When a Mediterranean garden is at your fingertips, little else is needed to make it super pretty.  Here, the photo

grapher explains her creative process:

Flower Inspiration!

It was just a photo shooting we organized with Athina Aktypi one Monday afternoon!
A flower combination of purple, green, yellow, pink, blush, pink or pale colours!

Checked pink Inspiration

Who said we don't organise baptism or baby shower ?