Simplicity and Charm in Folegandros

Concept: Island Rustic Wedding
Date: 09.09.2017
Inspired by their love, Catherine & Joel tied the knot in a simple and charming ceremony on the beautiful island of Folegandros. Infused with natural and rustic elements, the couple chose to keep everything very simple and natural focusing on the beauty of the ceremony and the elegance of the island itself.

Country Elegance in Mani

Concept: Country Chic
Date: 2018
For a couple as effortlessly matching as Elli and Jerome a destination wedding in Mani was the perfect choice. We planned their perfect day having in mind everything that that couple was; genuine, effortless and vibrant.  The Orthodox ceremony took place in Oitylo overlooking the beautiful fields around the area. The couple, family and friends continued to the after-party in the beautiful Porto Vitylo luxury boutique hotel overlooking the scenic Limeni views. 

Casual Chic Wedding

Concept: Garden Wedding Party
Date: 17.09.2016
Jenny and I have known each other since 2003. She's the kind of girl that when you meet her, you are taken aback for a second,... she’s beautiful! So we met in our offices in Patras as she announced her upcoming marriage to Christos. Christos is handsome, polite, with an abundance of humour and Italian style. He’s what we call a gentleman.

A wedding on Anafi Island

Concept: The 'panigiri' concept
Date: 02.07.2016
A wedding with a difficulty level of 9 out of 10! 'A Beautiful fairytale .. An Authentic, Greek, Cycladic marriage with an English air about it and the colours of Greece! People came and were forever attached to this unique island! The pictures of Theodore Chliapas speak for themselves ...

An American-Greek classic wedding on Paros

Concept: Cycladic Wedding
Date: 03 September 2016
Nicole and George are simply wonderful individuals who knew exactly what they wanted! Our communication was excellent even if the Washington DC time difference didn’t help! With the assistance of Angeliki (Nicole's mother), who was an incredible support creatively, the wedding was like child’s play! A joy to organize!

A wonderful wedding in Syros

Concept: beach party
Date: 10.09.2016
It took a year for me to finally put this spectacular wedding into words. A wedding that will go down in history! The marriage of two wonderful people on the highly aristocratic island of Syros!

Glamorous Wedding on Antiparos island

Concept: aristocratic
Date: 25. 06. 2016
Vasia and Stamatis decided to exchange vows and organise a huge glamorous party in Antiparos! They sent the SAVE THE DATE and without a second thought their friends and family began making travel arrangements for this memorable and magical special occasion!

A romantic wedding in Patras

Concept: Romantic
Date: 01/10/2016
Usually when your best friend tells you they are getting married, you crack open a bottle of wine and you celebrate, bursting with excitement. When you are Anais… you do all of this and immediately start an excel spreadsheet and make a TO DO LIST!!

Red Velvet Wedding in Athens

Concept: aristocratic
Date: 04/02/2017
Marianna and Giannis were a much welcomed break in winter's calm. We are not used to having winter wedding requests. Usually we are still recovering from all of our summer projects! But knowing the couple we immediately said YES!

Bougainvillea Wedding

Concept: island chic wedding
Date: 03.09.2016
It all started with an e-mail with the subject line: Let's discuss wedding plans ...Olga is the type of girl that even if you are supposed to be working together on her wedding, you would begin to have too much fun and end up just hanging out! She’s a source of laughter, the coolest, but also extremely perceptive and always right on point.

Seaside Wedding in Paros

Concept: Blue and White island Wedding
Date: 28.05.2016
It was an intimate wedding. The blue of the Cyclades was everywhere! French lovers in Greece, who lived every moment of their ceremony. From those very first steps of preparation until the finale of the party, there were smiling faces everywhere! Louise and Kostas contacted us one year prior and expressed their desire to marry on an island in the Cyclades...

Elegant Summer Wedding in Syros

Concept: aristocratic
Date: 17.09.2016
Anna and Stergios wanted something simple for their wedding. And what’s not to like about a destination such as Syros? Stergios spent all of his summers in Hermoupolis and was certain about his location choice. And how could Anna not be enchanted when they walked together along the Vaporia ... The choice was made! The wedding would be in Syros!

Aristocratic seaside wedding

Concept: aristocratic
Date: 18.09.2016
The setting; the poet Angelos Sikelianos’ Villa. When I saw it for the first time I knew we had to organize a wedding with such an architectural masterpiece as the backdrop… The wedding was that of Coralie and Fabien and it was like a dream!

Exchange of Vows in Syros

Concept: Sailing Yacht Concept
Date: June 2016
Exchange of Vows on a Sailing Boat in Syros followed by a next-day shooting in Hermoupolis Streets !! Enjoy this Greek-Canadian blue story!!

A wedding party on Sifnos island

Concept: The 'panigiri' concept
Date: 23.07.2016
Christina and Kostas waited a whole month for me to get back from my honeymoon to meet me!! This alone made me sympathize with them before I'd even met them! After our meeting we were told: “When we came out of your office, we just looked at each other, smiled, and without saying a word understood that the La fete team had won us over!” With these words began a beautiful partnership.

A colourful wedding in Kythera

Concept: Wedding Pool Party
Date: 27.08.16
Even before you set foot on the island of Kythira, you fall in love with its beauty. It’s enchanting yet also a typical Cycladic island in ‘the Heptanese’ (‘the seven islands’ that make up the principal Ionian Islands). It is for this reason that Chloe and Francesco left their home in Washington D.C. to marry one another in beautiful Kythira!

The greek green wedding

Concept: beach party
Date: 26.06.2016
A small wedding with character and the scent of Greek herbs! Alexandra and Jason knew from the beginning what they wanted and our vision coincided perfectly! The aroma of Greece in all it's glory! And the journey to the magical island of Paros began ...


Concept: natural
Date: 17.07.2015
Eva & Leandros // WEDO ... the perfect WEDDING //Ktima48 was transformed into a colourful island setting. A sunny day in July , with the sweet heat of summer guests. Together with the lafete team, they started to enjoy a festivity full of smiles, joy and colour, the wedding of Eva and Leandros! Let's get started!

'Folegandros Wedding Panigiri'

Concept: The 'panigiri' concept
Date: 04.07.2015
This is the tale of a traditional wedding, taking place in a town square, but with a modern twist! It is the charming location which sets off this wedding. The Grandfather of Marietta owns one of the most beautiful traditional houses of the region. After some years her parents built a cottage and Marietta and Thimios spent their summers on the island. 

Grand 'souxe' Wedding

Concept: greek taverna
Date: 30.08.2015
Syros. The Capital of the Cyclades and completely breath taking! Anais Evripioti believes no words can quite capture the essence of the island. 'Whatever I say about this island cannot do it justice, thanks to my parents I was fortunate to grow up there!’ The place is full of picture postcard images, quaint streets, traditional houses, rare colours, all perfect for a bride and groom to use as a backdrop for their dream wedding celebrations.

A DIY wedding in Paros

Date: 18.06.2016
Helene create all the decoration by herself! La fete was there just for consulting! If you are a creative person, you have a good taste and time for brainstorming you can design little miracles. So come on girls, Do It Yourself if you can!

A 'taverna style' beach wedding on Kythnos

Concept: beach party
Date: 05.09.2015
Kythnos is a unique island! The scenery and the natives make you feel sad every time you leave the island.. This wedding was a huge project but one of our best as it was so challenging! Sandy, Jannetos & their guests,coming from all over the planet, enjoyed the party and we did to! Now it's your turn!


Concept: aged shipyard
Date: 11.08.2015
‘Though Mari and I had known each other for many years, never had we shared so much together!’ reflects Anais Evripioti, Lafete’s Event Planner and Marketing Specialist. ‘From the very first conversation we realized that the image we had for their wedding was a common one! Giannis was completely on board with the theme, so together we began planning their dream day.’‘Though Mari and I had known each other for many years, never had we shared so much together!’ reflects Anais Evripioti, Lafete’s Event Planner.

Tassos & Angelique

Concept: home sweet home
Date: 07.07.2012
After traveling around the whole world, Angelica and Tasos chose Paros! They married in the beautiful Church “with-the-Hundred-Gates”, the Ekatontapiliani. They selected white flowers from a local nursery garden that they planted in glass vases while filling them with mud! The large candles that were present for the ceremony were created from whole string and a mixture of smaller white candles. The gold wedding crowns were handmade, and the ceremony was designed especially for them, inspired by a heart shaped diamond

Traditional Greek Liberty

Concept: natural
Date: 18.07.2014
All the guests remember attending a “dream wedding”. But it was a real one! Simple, authentic and topped with lots of dancing! A mixture of liberty patterns, traditional doilies, hay and kraft paper blended with colorful dresses. Experience an island in the middle of nowhere and a party in a valley while surrounded by favorite peoples and smiles. A wedding on the beautiful island of Paros, loved and adored by all is what you want!

Fishing Concept M&R

Concept: aged shipyard
Date: 25.08.14
If you want to get secretly married, this is the wedding of YOUR dreams! Coming all the way from Canada M & R decided to exchange their vows, on a small and deserted island while sailing between the Aegean islands. Surrounded only by close friends, the meal took place on the island’s beach, under the glow of torches and to the sound of soft music.

Xmas Golden Wedding Party

Concept: aristocratic
Date: 27.12.2015
What a christmas wedding concept! Amazing black and white geometric patterns everywhere! A golden dream... A beautiful couple that you will not have the chance to see. What a pity! Let's enjoy the concept...

Mykonian party

Concept: Cycladic Scenery
Date: 27.06.16
Catalin  & Andrea! The destination was decided long time ago, Mykonoooos! They new they wanted and orthodox ceremony next to the sea! Paraportiani church was the one and only. The colour pallette was blue, blue and blue. Some yellow to change. The idea was minimal decoration with cycladic elements. 

A lebanese wedding in Athens

Concept: aristocratic
Date: 17.09.17
Dayana & Chadi, a loved couple from Lebanon, knew from the first moment how their marriage would like to be. Greece was the country they decided to gather friends and relatives who would travel from all over the world for the event

Splash of Color in Syros

Concept: Splash of Color
Date: 2018
Alexia and Babis' wedding in Syros was definitely one full of brightness and sparkle and among our favorite for 2018. Good spirits, an effortless ambience and re-visited vintage details were the main elements of this beautiful story of a private union of the couple. 

A touch of vintage in Aegina

Concept: natural
Date: 8.09.2017